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Wafika's Kitchen - مطبخ وفيقة

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About Wafika's Kitchen [Dec. 18th, 2006|08:51 am]
Wafika's Kitchen - مطبخ وفيقة



The Story
One upon an early dawning morning in a metroploitian city, a little bachlorette arrived at a convienient little apartment. Her father, who was accompaning her said to take care of her self, and study hard. He left after sunrise to the airport, and then away from country. The little bachlorette was left all alone.

Confused to what she do next, the little bachlorette attempted to unpack her things. Then suddenly she heard a awkward growl. She relized that she had not had breakfast. For a fact, she knew that she cannot cook. Onwards, she started to rely on fast food, snacking food and mircowave food. She started to feel uneasy of the food she ate. First was constipation, then it was weight gain... until one day while she was preparing to go to university, she inspected her tongue to find a flat smooth red spot. That struck her horror! After a doctors inspection, she understood that the foods she ate were the main causes. As a result the bachlorette swore to the doctor to not to eat fast food, micorwave food, and snacking foods.

Hungry and confused, the bachlorette was left with one solution, eat self-cooked foods. She knew right away who she can ask! She called her an amazing fairy Wafika, and her sister Funa. They started whispering to the bachlorette recipes of simple food to cook, recipies that any lonely bacholrette can cook, healthy recipes, recipes that saved her allowance and lowered her living expenses.

The bachlorete couldn't remeber all Wafika and Funa's recipes, because there were so many. So she took out a journal and told the fairy's to repeat them. The kind fairies, understood, and helped the bachrorette write the recipes down.

As a result this journal records a collection of recipes for bachlorette.